“Everything That Glitters Is Gold”

“Everything That Glitters Is Gold” I’ve been fortunate to have ridden into high country to bring down cows and calves when the aspens were singing. I have nothing but fond memories of those days.

“Coming Home Hungry”

“Coming Home Hungry” For many years I taught a painting workshop in Red River New Mexico when the aspens changed colors. I always took my class up Middle Fork Canyon to paint this beautiful old fence in a sea of yellow. Jeanne and I just returned from this location and it’s just as beautiful as ever. #painting #art #aspens #fallcolors #youngfisherman

“Mimbers Only”

“Mimbers Only” This painting was done for the poster for “The America’s Horse in Art” show a few years ago. It also appeared on the cover of America’s Horse Magazine. What I like about this painting is the bay roan, my favorite color of horse to paint. I had a tree house very similar to this when I was a kid. I have built two treehouses for my grandkids so I think I’m done with that.