“Coming Home Hungry”

“Coming Home Hungry” For many years I taught a painting workshop in Red River New Mexico when the aspens changed colors. I always took my class up Middle Fork Canyon to paint this beautiful old fence in a sea of yellow. Jeanne and I just returned from this location and it’s just as beautiful as ever. #painting #art #aspens #fallcolors #youngfisherman

“Mimbers Only”

“Mimbers Only” This painting was done for the poster for “The America’s Horse in Art” show a few years ago. It also appeared on the cover of America’s Horse Magazine. What I like about this painting is the bay roan, my favorite color of horse to paint. I had a tree house very similar to this when I was a kid. I have built two treehouses for my grandkids so I think I’m done with that.

“Sangre de Christo Gold”

“Sangre de Christo Gold” I love the mountains when the aspens turn. Jeanne and I always try to head to high country during this magical time. I have spent countless hours painting in the brilliant golds and oranges among a stand of aspens in New Mexico. The leaves are hypnotic.

“Easy TO Come By, Hard To Get Away With”

“Easy To Come By, Hard To Get Away With” As ya’ll know if you follow my work, I love paintings that tell a complete story. This trio of outlaws has successfully robbed a stagecoach, but before they can spend a nickel they have been tracked down and caught. Once again, I used our family’s canyon for the background for this painting. We have plenty of rocks. Big rocks. 

“A Sound In The Timber”

“A Sound In The Timber” What I like most about this painting is the strong contrast between the background and the cowboy. Paintings with a wide range of values always seem to have more drama to them. I was blessed to have this painting on the cover of The Quarter Horse Journal and it was bought by some dear friends of mine in Santa Fe so it’s one of the few paintings of mine thatI get to see from time to time I get to see from time to time. #westernart #cowboyart #quarterhorse #artforsale