“A Long Way’s Off”

24×18 Oil on Linen. Hot off the easel.  This is my favorite type of painting where the viewer gets to write the story.  What is a long way’s off?  Indians?   A herd of buffalo?  Maybe it’s a posse, you decide. 

“Reflections Of A Country Church”

There is something very appealing to me about country churches.  I have photographed and visited many over the years, and some like this one have a great sense of historical style.  All they need is a horse out front, and a creek with a reflection. 

“Plains Jane”

I want to announce that I am starting a blog on my website jacksorensonfineart.com.  I’ll post a different painting every other day along with a short story about each one.  I had been on Facebook for several years and had over fifty thousand followers, but my site was hacked two months ago and Facebook doesn’t seem to want to fix it.  The pirates still are in control of my page and they post tictok videos that I would NEVER post so please don’t go to it.  My blog will be exactly like my Facebook posts were, here’s the first one.

“Plains Jane”.  I’ve know many great cowgirls in my life.  Some were as good as any cowboy.  In this this painting though, I wanted to show the softer side on a cowgirl.  I’ll bet those flowers end up on the dinner table.